Artist & Client Testimonails

Joshua Redman Saxophonist

“I feel extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Matt Pierson so many times, and in so many different contexts, over the years. He has a tremendous depth and breadth of musical knowledge; he is comfortable, calm and confident in the studio; and his ears and instincts are among the keenest and truest in the world of jazz production. Matt has made important and lasting contributions to a wide range of musical projects, and I believe he can be an invaluable asset to artists at virtually every stage of the recording process.”

Eric Harland Drummer

“If you can hear what many of us do not, feel what many of us understand, describe exactly what is needed and bring it all to that ‘MOMENT’… that’s a true producer to me. Matt Pierson.”

Brad Mehldau Pianist

“Matt Pierson excels at recognizing what makes a particular musician special. It is not just that he hears when someone is an unusual talent, but he hears why he or she is unique, and comes up with ideas on how to make that person shine. Matt has a direct empathy for musicians and understands how they think, and that empathy is uncommon.”

“There are people to whom one feels that an insurmountable creative debt is owed. There are people whose expertise and creative energy seem to rate several times their age. There are people whose understanding of and connection with the music is so visceral as to remind one of a 'jazz muse.' For me, Matt Pierson is all three of those people.”

- Kirk Whalum, Saxophonist


“Matt Pierson has been an important leader in the community of creative musicians for decades now. Through his work in the studio as an excellent producer and the many leadership roles he has maintained behind the scenes as an executive and consultant, he has played an essential role as advocate for good notes and the highest level of musical expression. Being an excellent musician himself, his presence on a project gives lends an authority and insight that is rare and valuable.”

- Pat Metheny

“I always look forward to being a part of any project that is in the experienced  hands of Matt Pierson. He attracts such a broad range of talented artists and consistently puts together the perfect crew of instrumentalists, arrangers, and engineers to create something special together. I always feel fortunate to show up in the studio not having to worry about anything because Matt is really listening and doing what it takes to support the artist and their music. “

- Tony Scherr

“Matt Pierson’s dedication to his craft is unmatched. Matt completely changed the way I thought about my sound and surrounded me with world class musicians who raised the bar. He is dedicated and loyal. Just a wonderful person to work with.” 

- Laura Benanti

“Working with Matt was an absolute breeze . He had a clear vision of what kind of record we were going to make and he put together the greatest team of musicians and engineers imaginable.
I loved working with him at every stage of the process and we made a record I’m extremely proud of.”

- James Maddock

"Working with Matt brings so much clarity, confidence and professionalism to the projects he embarks on. His years of experience makes him an essential key to the flow process in the studio, knowing exactly when you've brought out the magic and if it hasn't come out yet, he has all the tools to ignite those moments."

- Camila Meza.

“For the five projects we have worked on Matt has been a terrific set of ears and a great mind that has a diverse wealth of knowledge about music in general , i’m privileged to have been able to work with him on my albums that I feel will stand the test of time. Whether it’s coming up with a vision, direction for mixing & mastering, sequencing a song order or just straight moral support Matt has been 
A great source of inspiration whether it’s through recording he’s produced that I listened to heavily in my youth or working on our current visions. I respect his honesty when it comes Time to make important decisions and his dedication and love to the art of music making in general”

- Dayna Stephens

“I’ve been so fortunate to have worked with Matt on three projects over the past 10 years. His knowledge base is immense which shows in every aspect in the research and the recording process. But even more importantly, he cares deeply about the artist and the point of view of the artist. What do they want to say? Where are they in their life? What makes them special? At every step in the album process, either via direct conversation or implied, Matt is thinking of all these things plus how best to achieve them on the recording. I have become a better singer/artist/musician by working with him over the years and I regard him in such high esteem.”

- Bill Kwan

“Matt is a consummate producer. In addition to getting to experience his process on my own recordings, I’ve seen how he pulls the best out of the musicians on any project. He is masterful in the studio, and after everyone goes home he really knows how to craft an album in post-production, adding just what’s needed and leaving out the rest. Matt is a joy to work with.”

- Kevin Hays

“Matt has an unparalleled dedication to Reese’s white chocolate peanut butter cups, the Chesky’s charasco on ciabatta, and wind chimes. But most important, watching him recognize new talent and guide artists into making beautiful recordings that maintain an honest representation of who they are has been a highlight of my career.  He takes the time to get to know each artist, has an uncanny ability to match them with the perfect combination of musicians and material that compliment, support, and inspire a new level of confidence and energy in each performance”.

- Chris Allen

Working with Matt is like being in the presence of a master artist and musical architect. I am so fortunate and honored to be part of his creative team, and always look forward to his call."

- Bashiri Johnson, percussionist

“I've had the pleasure of working with Matt both as an arranger and a pianist. In every project I've been involved in he has assembled a group of diverse individuals who bring there unique style to the artist he is producing, without ever imposing his own views upon the musicians. This approach, with his guidance, brings out the best in all of us and definitely takes the music to a higher level of creativity."

- Alan Broadbent, pianist/arranger

“Matt Pierson is special: a veteran presence with fresh, adventurous ears. His productions are always absolutely musical, and they all let the artists’ own identities shine through. These are the most important factors in jazz recording, and Matt consistently delivers.”

- Chuck Mitchell, President, Sony Music Classics

“I have had a great relationship with Matt for almost 20 years. I always trust and respect his input and know that his main concern is getting the music just right. He instinctively knows when to let the music happen on its own or when to step in and add suggestions. Matt is an artist in his own right.”

- Larry Grenadier, bassist

"Matt Pierson really knows what he wants and that's exactly what I needed. We sifted through songs together, reading into the lyrics, identifying interesting twists and turns in the melody and Matt really helped me focus on the material that told my story best. We wanted to create an organic, textured album with a narrative that really gave the listener a glimpse into a more romantic side of me. I feel like we accomplished that with Matt's direction and the incredible group of arrangers and musicians he enlisted. More than anything, though, he helped me achieve a new level of musicality, for which I am grateful."

- Sophie Milman, vocalist

"Matt Pierson is an unlimited musical library, and he has an outstanding concept for creating a cohesive, compelling musical statement. It is always inspiring and refreshing to work with Matt, and he knows how to bring out the best in the musicians he works with as a producer, while making sure that everyone is comfortable with their own musical integrity in the process. I always feel like Matt is someone you can trust in the studio, and his attention to detail is one-of-a-kind."

- Taylor Eigsti, pianist

“Combining his knowledge of the music and the business, his big ears, and his enthusiasm, Matt brings so much to every project he produces, and I have been fortunate to have engineered nearly 40 of these recordings. Take a listen...the results speak for themselves.”

- James Farber, engineer

"I have been fortunate to work with Matt on a handful of projects. It was a true pleasure. As a producer, he knows how to say just enough to inspire creativity without stifling the artists he works with. I am a fan of so many projects he has been a part of. His body of work is a testament to his high caliber."

- Gerald Clayton, pianist

"Matt Pierson has a clear vision of what a record needs, how to get it, and when he's got it. If it weren't for his clarity and support, I think I'd still be in the studio tracking my last record."

- Becca Stevens, singer/songwriter

“Matt Pierson understands artists. He understands that we are all unique and bring with us a wide range of style and very personal opinions about who we are and want we want to express. Matt doesn't get in the way...he nurtures and supports and champions who we are. And with all his experience in the music business, and his incredible good sense and great taste, he guides the artist on a wonderfully collaborative journey. Doing my first solo album, Matt helped me every step of the way-from compiling a song list to surrounding me with the best and most perfect musicians for my album. An artist must feel safe to be able to be truly free. In Matt Pierson's hands, I declare, 'the artist is safe!'”

- Anastasia Barzee, vocalist

"Matt has an incredibly deep, and broad understanding of where quality lies in music, across genres. He understands what makes an artist unique, and has a natural instinct for what musical story the artist is trying to tell. He puts together the best team of both musicians, and technicians, in order to create a record that truly reflects the essence of the artist. It is extremely rare to find someone who is capable of pushing a musical project to the next level, without ever getting in the way of the original vision of the artist. Well, Matt Pierson does exactly that!"

- Romain Collin, pianist

"Working with Matt is a pleasure and a blessing. His ears are as wide as the ocean and his musical knowledge is just as deep, across genres from jazz and beyond. Best of all, Matt understands the delicate balance between a musician's ego and an artist's perfectionism, handling performers' neurosis with confidence and skill. He knows how to get the best performances from artists while maintaining musical integrity of the highest order. He knows when to record another pass and when he's got the perfect take. His communication is great, and he is any musician's dream producer."

- Sara Leib, vocalist

“When I look at my favorite albums there's usually one thing written somewhere on all them: the words 'Produced by Matt Pierson.' Matt has an impeccable ear for presenting a project from its best perspective. When it came time to work on my recording with Matt, my high expectations were far exceeded, and he helped me turn a project that I felt okay about into a project I'm really proud of. He made me realize how important presentation and the mixing process are in presenting a new project. If you want to be shown in its best possible light, then Matt Pierson's name should be at the top of list.”

- Dayna Stephens, saxophonist

“Matt is one of the last old school Jazz producers, the kind who truly knows how to make a great record.”

- Fabrice Dupont, engineer

"Matt has a deep understanding of musicians, and what makes them tick. He is able to create an environment in the studio which is at once relaxed, and yet focused, where things flow in an organic way, and yet always get done. He has a rare gift for predicting musical chemistry between people, and assembling the perfect balance of musical personalities on any given project. In pre-production he'll work tirelessly with the artist to hone a vision for their record, and then carries the weight of holding this vision in the studio. In doing so, he enables us, the artists and musicians on the session, to truly relax and to have faith in the process, knowing that we're in safe hands. These are just a few of the many reasons why Matt is so very good at what he does."

- Oli Rockberger, pianist/songwriter